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Welcome to the BeeSide

Long Beach California

Born in the 80's Raised in the 90's in Long Beach California. Our parents escaped Cambodia Killing Field just to land themselves in a new concrete Killing Field for their children, Long Beach Killing Field. Living through poverty, racism, violence, death of loves one with animosity towards my own people over color, enough was enough. I was lucky enough to separate myself from all the negative and surrounded myself around nothing but positive. 

ANGKOR Wat - Siem Reap Cambodia

I believe every Cambodian outside of Cambodia should come back to their Motherland and check it out for themselves. We all heard the negative reasons from the older generations why not to come back, but time has changed and the people here have changed ever since the civil war. I was nervous and skeptical about coming here in 2011 cause of all the negative rumors I heard but it was a complete opposite feeling since I've arrive.

BeeKhmer x BeeSide

Our work is a combination of the Urban street style with a mixture of our Cambodian Culture.

Phnom Penh Cambodia

From Long Beach California to Phnom Penh Cambodia come check us out personally at these locations;

"One Stop Long Beach"
2600 East Anaheim Street Long Beach, California

"802AD Productions"
#74, Street NW15 Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia  023882003

"Angkorian Designs"
625 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, Ca 90806