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Dropped off in East Long Beach Cambodia Town, heading back home to Phnom Penh Cambodia The Pearl of South East Asia

I believe every Cambodian outside of Cambodia should come back to their Motherland and check it out for themselves. We all heard the negative reasons from the older generations why not to come back, but time has changed and the people here have changed ever since the civil war. I was nervous and skeptical about coming to Kampuchea because of all the negative rumors I've heard but it was a complete opposite feeling since I've arrived.



Khmer Silk Kanat

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KLAPYAHANDZ is a Worldwide collective of Khmer singers, rappers, artists and producers working together to promote Cambodia, its people, arts, culture and history through Hip Hop, RNB and alternative music.


More Than Music

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“KhmerANGKOR Collection” is our cut & sew signature line produce in Cambodia that combines traditional Khmer garments with inner city style, it is heavily influence by our rich and vibrant Khmer culture.



Gold ANGKOR Wat Pin

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FONKi is a Montreal graffiti artist that was born in France from Cambodian parents that fled the Khmer Rouge regime in 1975. In 2012-2014, FONKi became the protagonist of the documentary film “The Roots Remain”, as he came back to his ancestors’ country. His public art then went through a great evolution. An evolution that reflects the one Cambodia is going through today: a blending of ancient tradition and contemporary influences, led by a crazy race towards modernity.
Through his unique “kbach” graffiti lettering and his giant portraits, FONKi makes us discover Cambodia’s history. The young artist is thus convinced that art and colors can transcend the dark memories of the past.


FONKi World

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Tiny Toones mission is to provide a safe, positive environment for at-risk youth to channel their energy and creativity into the arts and education Empowering the children to build self-confidence in their daily lives. Aiming for better employment opportunities and to feel supported pursuing their dreams.



Tiny Toones

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“Cambodian Weaving Village” is a social business in Cambodia. Their mission is to empower women in rural Cambodia by gaining control over their financial well being, being able to provide for their families, and to gain skills through the creation and sale of ethical, transparent fashion


Cambodian Weaving Village

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